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Over time, whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.

Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute
Greening the Dollar
Date: October, 2021
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Put the Greenback back in government
“While the Covid-19 pandemic devastated large chunks of the economy & put millions out of work, extraordinary government measures aimed at mitigating the economic blow have also boosted the fortunes of the wealthy by pushing down interest rates & driving a massive stock market rally. Global financial wealth soared to a record high of $250 TRILLION in 2020”.
Reuter’s News Service: 10-15-21.

Simply Put

The fatal blind-spot that most thinkers, be they left, center or right have when it comes to money and banking, is that they all assume that banks lend savers' deposits to borrowers, when in fact this never happens, and so the banks not only lend the money, they create the money by adding numbers to their ledgers, and thus make the whole economy (and polity) entirely dependent on them. They have "the upper hand" over everyone else; industrialists, unionists, media, and politicians. It is a hidden hand too because of the general ignorance of the basic fact that banks create money when they make loans and destroy it when loans are repaid. Thus, the entire money supply is rented from the banks; they're the ultimate rentiers, not landlords, not industrialists. The landlords and industrialists are all in debt to the banks too.

Put the greenback back in government