Greens for Monetary Reform

Over time, whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.

Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute
Newsletter Archive
1. Understanding the Power of Money Creation and Control Rita Jacobs
2. PART 10 THE MONEY MATRIX: Bankers Take Control of AT&T and Mass Communications, 1900-1939 Sue Peters
3. Money, An Academic Blindspot? Howard Switzer
4. The Most Valuable History is the History We Don't Know Editor
1. Reflections on Money Power Rita Jacobs
2. PART 9 THE MONEY MATRIX: Control of the News, 1900-1939 Sue Peters
3. The Most Valuable History is the History We Don't Know Howard Switzer
1. Owning Nature? Rita Jacobs
2. Monetary Reform: Catalyst for Saving the World Steven Showen
3. The most valuable history is the history we don't know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. The Shifting Context of Profit Making Editor
2. PART 8 - THE MONEY MATRIX: Rockefeller and the Origins of U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry Sue Peters
3. Incentive for War Howard Switzer
4. Cleptocurrency: Bandwagon to Oblivion Editor
1. Green Party and MMT - Editor Editor
2. 'THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES' – Warren Mosler, founder of MMT Eugene Woloszyn, GPCT
3. Why You Should Look Beyond Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Rita Jacobs
1. Introduction to the Green Party's Banking and Monetary Reform Committee Steve Showen, GPFL
2. United Health Care: WHY IS IT #8 ON THE FORTUNE GLOBAL 500? Eugene Woloszyn, GPCT
3. Part 7 – THE MONEY MATRIX: Medicine 1930-1960 Sue Peters, GPNY
1. Part 6 - THE MONEY MATRIX: Medicine Sue Peters, GPNY
2. The Debt Ceiling Myth Mary Sanderson
3. The Most Valuable History is the History We Don't Know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. To the People of Afghanistan--A letter from the BMRC BMRC
2. Part 5 - THE MONEY MATRIX: Education (1954-Present) Sue Peters, GPNY
3. Usury and Becoming an Activist Dr. Elspeth Crawford
4. The Most Valuable History is the History We Don't Know John Kenneth Galbraith
1. How to Kickstart Planetary Recovery Steven Showen
2. Petition to Change the Money Howard Switzer, GPTN
3. Monetary Reform vs Public Banking Joe Bongiovanni
4. The History We Don't Know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. The Power of the Fed Eugene Woloszyn, Rita Jacobs, Howard Switzer, Kevin McCormick
2. Part 4 - The Money Matrix: Education (1892-1914) Sue Peters, GPNY
1. The Main Cause of Economic Injustice Rita Jacobs, GPMI
2. Part 3 - The Money Matrix: Education (1892-1914) Sue Peters, GPNY
3. Book Review - Web of Debt by Ellen Brown Mary Sanderson, GPWI
4. Thomas Paine Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. Who Invented Money? Howard Switzer, GPTN
2. The Money Matrix Part 2 Sue Peters, GPNY
3. What is Enough? Howard Switzer, GPTN
4. History - Frederick Soddy Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. The Money Matrix Part 1 Sue Peters, GPNY
2. What Can We Learn from the U.S. Debt Clock? Rita Jacobs, GPMI
3. Women - Democratizing Our Money Marybeth Gardam
4. Alfred Owen Crozier Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. The Incentive for War Howard Switzer, GPTN
2. Monetary Reform is an International Problem Rita Jacobs, GPMI
3. Constitutional Tools for Transition Howard Switzer, GPTN
4. It's Time to End Monetary Violence Rita Jacobs, GPMI
5. The History You Don't Know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. Is Capitalism the Problem, or Is It Something Else? Rita Jacobs, GPMI
2. Green Party 3 Point Plan for Public Money Mary Sanderson, GPWI
3. Green Sovereign Money and MMT Howard Switzer
3. People’s Party Platform of 1896 Howard Switzer
1. Aligning Money and Love Howard Switzer, GPTN
2. Central Bank Digital Currency Kevin McCormick, GPTX
3. The History You Don't Know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. The Problem With Money Howard Switzer, GPTN
2. Local Currencies Can Help Revive Job Creation & Family Incomes Eugene Woloszyn, GPCT
3. Trading Economic Growth for Economic Justice and Sustainability Howard Switzer, GPTN
4. Ending the Monetary Pandemic Greg Coleridge
5. The Most Important History is the History You Don't Know Howard Switzer, GPTN
1. Coins and Cons Howard Switzer GPTN
2. All Money Is Debt? Mary Sanderson GPWI
3. The Money Power Revolution?
4. The Inflation Crisis Kevin McCormick GPTX
5. Prosperity on Hold Howard Switzer GPTN
6. Economic Justice Hero: Charles Walters
1. The Money Power Revolution BMRC video presentation
2. Then Whose Money is It? Joe Bongiovanni
3. Chronic Global Insolvency? Kevin McCormick
4. Crime of the Millennium Howard Switzer
5. Greenback Hero: Elbridge G. Spaulding
1. BMRC 2020 ANM Presentation BMRC
2. Follow The (CARES) Money Sue Peters
3. A Review of All Wars are Bankers’ Wars Kevin McCormick
4. What is Money? Joe Bongiovanni
5. The Pecora Commission Howard Switzer
1. Money is POWER Rita Jacobs
2. Why Collapse? Kevin McCormick
3. ‘Planet of the Humans’: Toward a Greener Green Howard Switzer
4. Ending the Monetary Pandemic Greg Coleridge
1. National Monetary Commission Joe Bongiovanni
2. What is Money? Sue Peters
3. The Last Thing We Need is More Debt Money Rita Jacobs
4. The Lesson History Teaches Us Howard Switzer
1. Open Letter to Green Party Candidates Sue Peters
2. The Debt Trap Eugene Woloszyn
3. Michael Bloomberg: Pinch Hitter for the 1% Eugene Woloszyn
4. History of the BMRC Sue Peters