Greens for Monetary Reform

Over time, whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.

Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute


Hello, Green Party Members and friends, Welcome to our new website.

Here you can find out why changing our monetary system is one of the most important issues for the Green Party and the nation.

The money system in our country has been kept confused and hard to understand, but it is really very simple when you want to make a good life for everyone.

We suggest that you first read and explore THE PROBLEM. Once you understand the problem, then read about THE SOLUTION. The solution has worked in our country several times in our history; but, unfortunately, that history has been kept from us. But this website will give that history to you, our reader.

The authors of this website recognize that the Green Party Platform has a wonderful and powerful monetary reform plank, which was created by Greens who realized the importance of this issue. The monetary reform plank is called Greening the Dollar. It contains the three essential changes that must happen for monetary reform to succeed. These same three essential changes are also found in Dennis Kucinich's NEED ACT—HR2990, which was presented to Congress in . pdf of HR2990 here

The authors of this website realize that many Greens may not be aware what the monetary reform plank in the platform is about. Since the existence of our money system is kept so secret and mysterious, it is not surprising that Greens, like the rest of our society, may be unaware of the absolute significance of the money system to all our lives.

Sue Peters on monetary reform
Professor Joseph Huber on the payment system