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Over time, whoever controls the money system, controls the nation.

Stephen Zarlenga, American Monetary Institute


Why study the history of monetary systems? The story of monetary systems is the story of power. This story has been left out of our schools, media, and political discourse. Instead we have rampant misdirection and mystification about the true nature of money.

From October 2013 through October 2015, seven people read and studied The Lost Science of Money by Stephen Zarlenga. Every two weeks, for two and a half hours on a Sunday afternoon, they met in person and via the Web, to share their excitement and delight in this incredible book.

There are 23 chapters which are revealing case histories ranging over more than three millenia of monetary history. The class materials for each chapter were created by the students and include extensive in-depth slideshow presentations, along with an audio recording of each class. In addition, one of the class members used the New York Public Library to scan excerpts from source materials referenced by the author.

Please use these materials to learn and also to teach. You can purchase the book and support these efforts for monetary reform here:

book cover, The Lost Science of Money
The Lost Science of Money

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